When it comes to home and commercial property valuation, do you know who to turn to for professional, accurate and motivated valuations and valuation reports?

Welcome to The Property Partnership East Rand, Chartered Valuers and Surveyors of land, property, plant and equipment who promise the provision of a full, comprehensive service—our name says it all! Property values in especially the East Rand are prone to fluctuations. If your business is managed on the revaluation model, you would naturally require an efficient and accurate but completely independent service for your home and property valuation requirements. The Property Partnership East Rand is exactly such a service, offering you the following home and property valuations for these applications:

  • Market Values and Fair Value: Purchase and Sale Valuations, Balance Sheet Valuations, Security and Bond Valuations, Merger or Take-Over Corporate Information, Information for Legal or Judgement purposes, Expropriation Valuations, Privatisation, Rates Objections home valuation, Tax Valuations and Auction Reserve.
  • Value-in-Use or Going Concern Value: Going Concern Valuations, Financial Statements, Forensic Investigations, Arbitration and Privatisation.
  • Rental Valuations: Determining Rent, Rental Disputes and Portfolio Analysis.
  • Gross Current Replacement Costs: This is the value of an asset in a similar condition at the end of its useful life now, but costs to sell are offset against the figure, useful for Insurance Valuations, Loss Assessment and Arbitration.
  • Land and Building Valuations: Office, retail, industrial property and vacant development land or apartment blocks.
  • Plant and Machinery Valuations: Manufacturing, Process and Mining Plants, Transport and IT Systems, Furniture and Contents.
  • Asset Registers: Reconciliation, Input Data, Forensic Tracing, Planned Maintenance Registers, Litigation, Asset Marking and even Bar Coding.

Whatever the home or property valuation or any other valuation need you may have is, no valuation service is more comprehensive than The Property Partnership East Rand, especially when it comes to our focus areas. Our core focus areas are commercial, industrial and retail properties and their related valuations in South Africa and we have been making accurate valuations our business and endeavour for years. From smaller home property valuations to large valuation analysis for stock values on the JSE and international trading, we will not let you down. What is valuation analysis? It is simply the process of assessing an asset’s value against another, similar asset. In securities, it is a process that involves analysis of groups of investments as well as comparing a stock’s current value to values in the past. In so doing, the best investments can be identified and focused on in your portfolio.

Did You Know? The new Municipal Property Rates Act of 2004 requires that all properties within a municipality are valued at the ‘Market Value’ of the site. This market valuation is used as a base in determining the assessment rates payable by a property and the Valuation Roll is required to be updated every 4 to 5 years.

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