If you are looking to buy or sell a home, then you will need to have it assessed, so we recommend that you come to us for our expert home and property valuations. We will carefully analyse your home for sale or the property you are looking to purchase to ensure that the pricing is fair and market related. So who are we? We are The Property Partnership East Rand and we are in the business of helping people buy and sell property for the right price. Whether to commercially determine market and investment values of a property or for domestic real estate appraisals, accuracy is a crucial component to home and property valuations.

Our level of accuracy is unparalleled by any other company so that you know that the value placed on your property is based on careful inspection of the property with relevance to the effect it has on the overall condition or quality of the property. Our expertise lies in asset valuation for all private, corporate, financial and insurance purposes and while a focus of ours is commercial, industrial and retail properties, we will not turn a request down when you seek our services for plant and equipment.

Any home valuations is carried out be a team of chartered surveyors and valuers who are as follows:

  • The South African Council for Property Valuers Profession.
  • The South African Institute of Valuers.
  • The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

This gives you the peace of mind that all of our home and property valuations are done fairly and legally. Home and property valuations using various methods (including Discounted Cash Flow analysis) need not be requested from any other valuation company, because with The Property Partnership East Rand you receive all that you require.

For valuations done on plans and machinery, valuation analysis is used to determine the worth. What is valuation analysis? This is the process of determining an asset’s value by comparing it to another asset. For example, by comparing your stock’s value with historical context and groups of other investments or individual securities for exchange, you can determine what the best investments actually are.

We are the all in one valuation company and our expert teams of valuers are able to assist you in asset valuations, land and building valuations, plant and machinery valuations, asset registers valuation services, market value or fair value for properties, existing use value or going concern value and gross current replacement cost valuations. When you use our services you will be provided with an independent report on the value of the property for all of the fair price and market value-related applications. The report will be completely objective as our valuers have no financial interest in your business, but they are held accountable for a report that has to reflect the true market value based on motivated market research. Therefore, if you enlist the aid of the professionals for your home and property valuation, your side is kept clean and your books will be a true and accurate reflection of the market.

Contact us today to assist you in the valuation process whether it is private property, commercial property or assets.