To enter the labyrinth that is quintessential to the property market, be sure to ‘cross all the t’s’ and ‘dot all the i’s’. One of your best friends in the process needs to include a forensic investigator who will provide you essential paperwork regarding the property you’re either selling or renting out. Doing so might just ‘save your bacon’. Whistle blowers are among the more common reasons for unexpected forensic investigation. A forensic report is unbiased and objective and serves the landlord, the tenant and the agent – so everybody wins!

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t let yourself be talked out of getting professionals in on the act. Judges frown upon inventories compiled by landlords
  • Don’t think that a forensic report will cover structural defects – their role is regarding the general condition of the property and the internal condition and contents if appropriate, as at the outset of leasing.
  • Don’t imagine your carpets will be lifted or large furniture moved about. The report is defined as “non-invasive”
  • Don’t expect forensics to provide advice on repairs needed or the costs thereof.
  • Don’t hope your tenant will pay for a forensic investigation – the onus is on the landlord although the tenant also benefits

The Dos:

  • Do go to the trouble of getting a forensic investigation into the paperwork before tenants take occupation – who can prove who’s responsible for what damage after the fact?
  • Request a photographic gallery to evidence the report – it goes a long way to clearing disputes down the line. Videography provides a ‘virtual tour’ and may similarly be requested. You may use that kind of report very well for marketing purposes too
  • Do see that there are two signatures on the forensic report – one from the landlord and one from the tenant. The moment that happens, the document becomes legal and binding.

Remember your best friend, the forensic investigator and his trusty report at the end of a lease too. Re-inspection and unbiased forensic reporting leave no ‘wriggle room’ for whether deposit monies need to be withheld or paid back.

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