Are you thinking of selling your home or perhaps you need to take out insurance and need to know the market value, with The Property Partnership assisting you an accurate assessment will be gauged with a home valuation.

When the time arrives and you need a home valuation for what ever reason, contact The Property Partnership, we are qualified and more than willing to provide you with a home valuation.  When people consider selling their homes, when they change cities or the home has become to big for them it is an essential before putting your home on the market that an accurate assessment of its worth is realised and this we do at The Property Partnership.

The Property Partnership where your home valuations something we have been trained to ascertain you will always get an accurate assessment every time.

The Property Partnership’s expertise relies  on taking into account all market conditions before accurately providing you with a home valuation as close to the market value as is possible. As the home valuation experts you know when you choose us to value your home that you have chosen the company who are serious about our profession and who take their responsibilities to be of exceptional importance and never take any function we are called upon to perform lightly.

The Property Partnership only employs people who have qualified as estate agents, people whose only concern is to see that you are provided with everything you need when buying or selling a property. To assess your home correctly for a home valuation is extremely important that only some one trained and qualified should ever be responsible for your home valuation.  This is why all our brokers undertake internships in order to qualify to do home valuations.

Once you have requested our aid to assess your home for valuation The Property Partnership will set about doing the necessary to provide you with n accurate home valuation.  We are considered totally dependable when it comes to dedication and providing you with the most precise assessment of your property.

The Property Partnership are always willing to meet your needs when it comes to a home valuation.

The Property Partnership although based in Gauteng, are able to provide our professional home valuation services all over South Africa.  With teams of estate agents who travel all over South Africa, people who have had much experience in home evaluation and the valuation of businesses. For this reason we can provide our specialised services of home valuation anywhere in South Africa, from Durban to Cape Town and you won’t bear the cost.  We also travel outside South Africa; in fact The Property Partnership over the last few years have extended our area of operations to include valuations in Swaziland, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Namibia.

The Property Partnership when you need an accurate and speedy home valuation in Africa.