Any property valuation expert will tell you that there is no such thing as a “simple” valuation. And this remains true for share block or apartment valuations. Residential property values depend on many factors. And you can always be sure that the actual value of the property depends on who is asking.

A buyer will always want to buy at a lower rate, and the seller will want to see a high a figure as possible. And of course, the valuation of a property does not dictate its selling price – that’s up to the market to decide.

So when we value flats or apartments, what are some of the key features we consider?

    1. Location is right on top of the list. An apartment close to upmarket amenities in a good neighbourhood will fetch a better price than – say – a more rural setting. Of course, this does depend on the individual and what’s important to them. But it is safe to say that if your flat is on the beach, you will attract buyers who love beach living.


    1. Further to that, we look at the view. Most apartment blocks are in a built up area. So if your view offers a vista of sea and sand then you’re doing well. This is a factor that can’t be changed – it is what it is. If your view is of your neighbours’ bathroom – well, your selling price will have to reflect that.


    1. Closely linked to your view is your floor level. The higher you are – the better your view. You are likely to enjoy less noise and better security. Some may find the wind factor of a high rise to be a nuisance, though.


    1. When you stand on your balcony, what do you see? Your neighbourhood is another factor which can dictate the value of your apartment. Is it noisy? Scruffy? Or do you enjoy tree-lined lanes leading to a quaint coffee shop? A park or other open space nearby is a real draw for apartment dwellers.


    1. Does your area offer a good school and accessible public transport? Does your block offer a swimming pool – or any outside areas? Amenities like this are yet another factor that you have no control over, but do play a role in the value of your property.


  1. And as a final thought – what is the condition of your building? You are likely to pay levies toward the upkeep of your block. But not all maintenance men are created equal – and some do a better job than others. The little things count, too. The finishing touches of the apartment block – such as the gardens, the cleanliness of the lobby, and the state of the lifts, all play a big role in a valuation.

These are certainly not the only things we consider when /valuations-apartment-blocks/. And perhaps when you are thinking of buying a flat or an apartment, it would be a good idea to consider these six factors.

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