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An up-to-date asset register can assist the business in determining the accuracy of the assets that are in use, and those which are no longer required and could be disposed of.

What is an Asset Register?

As asset register is a document containing comprehensive information of your fixed assets. Fixed assets include land, buildings, plant and machinery, vehicles, office contents, computer equipment and other similar assts used in the business. We assist with the value of the ‘underlying’ assets of the business – i.e. excluding good will, etc.

An accurate asset register gives a business a precise record of their assets, as well as their values – and this could include market value, residual value and insurance value.

An asset register also allows one to keep track of all the fixed assets of a company. This includes assets that have been fully written down, but which are still in use, as well as assets not under direct control of the company. The register may include both owned and leased assets, or assets under construction or those which have since been removed from the plant.

In addition to compiling a list of the company’s assets, we can assist with the compilation of an asset register which includes the following details:

  • A full description of the asset.
  • The asset numbers
  • Purchase date and cost.
  • Market and replacement cost value
  • Total life of the asset.
  • Estimated remaining life of the asset.
  • Residual value of the asset.

When Do I Need an Asset Register Valuation?

The value of a current and up-to-date asset register can often be over-looked by companies, yet it is a vital management tool.

In the event of an insurance claim, the replacement cost of the asset and an accurate asset register can quickly assist the client in identifying the asset and its effect on the business.

When a company sale, merger or takeover is pending, the register provides vital information on the underlying value of the assets and the accuracy of the assets that are still in use.

Asset Register Valuation

Our firm can assist with compiling a detailed asset register with current replacement cost values, estimated total life, remaining life, Market Value in Situ and residual valuation. These registers can often be uploaded to your accounting systems ensuring an accurate record to your plant assets.

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