Industrial Property Valuations

Industrial Property Valuations

Industrial property valuations require thorough market analysis of the various value influencing variables. To ensure an accurate valuation supported by market information required the skills of a professional property valuer.

The property valuation company that you choose to perform this particular service needs to have a good understanding of the industrial valuation market, and include a motivated valuation report to ensure that all who rely on the report understand what factors influenced the valuation.

What Structures do Industrial Property Valuations Include?

Properties involved in manufacturing or the industrial sector can include, inter alia:

  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Breweries
  • Telecom Centres
  • Manufacturing (Light and Heavy)
  • Vacant Industrial Land

What Factors Affect an Industrial Property Valuation?

The factors that influence the value of industrial properties are wide-ranging. Location is an obvious element to consider, which would include the current state of the area, plans for the surrounding area, accessibility for staff and distribution if applicable, planned upgrades to surrounding infrastructure and the security of the area.

The size of the building and the site area are major factors which affect the income generating potential of the property – and ultimately its market value.

As with all property valuations, comparable sales and other market information needs to be referenced in order to arrive at a fair and accurate value.

Who needs their Industrial Property Valued?

In business today, there is an increased need for disclosure and ensuring the accurate value of your assets in vital in this process. Balance sheet valuations for financial reports, mergers, purchases, purchase price allocation all require an unbiased professional property valuer.

Tax and insurance valuations are a requirement for industrial property owners, and an exact and detailed report will ensure that averaging is not applied should the company suffer a loss.

Expropriation of assets, judgements and rates objections also rely on sound and precise values and we assist with this tedious process.

Further, to ensure a fair value for transaction purposes, a motivated valuation report would assist all parties and ensure an equitable transaction.

An industrial property would also benefit from accurate rental determination valuations should you be looking to rent a property, or simply sign a lease in a property. An incorrect rental for a long term lease can be costly to the business.

The Property Partnership – Your Partner in Industrial Property Valuations

Backed by decades of combined knowledge and experience, The Property Partnership team live by firmly ingrained values of professionalism, sound ethics and honesty.

Our fully committed valuers work in association with our clients to offer accurate information based on the sound valuation principles and evidence. We merge extensive local knowledge with sound judgement and an in-depth understanding of current economic movements.

We fully research all aspects of the industrial property market to ensure an accurate value of your property, which is supported in our detailed valuation report.

We specialise in valuations across Gauteng, but also assist clients with comprehensive projects across South Africa. Our fast turn-around time and accurate reporting have made us a recognised firm in the South African valuations arena.

Contact us or Email our office to discuss your requirements

The Property Partnership team can assist in determining the Market Value or Fair Value of your industrial property for the following purposes:

  • Balance Sheet Valuations
  • Purchase and Sale Valuations
  • Municipal Valuation Objections
  • Rental Valuations
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Merger/ Take-Over and Corporate Information
  • Legal/ Judgement Purposes
  • Expropriation Valuations
  • Tax Valuations

Other services include:

  • Existing Use or Going Concern Valuations
  • Purchase Price Apportionment
  • Auction Reserve
  • Privatisation
  • Security/ Bond Valuations

For objective, professional industrial property valuations, contact The Property Partnership East Rand on 0860 999 440 or Email us on – we value your assets.