Here is a very simple way to look at what we do here at The Property Partnership East Rand. When we purchase our homes few of us would neglect to take into account the patrimonial value of such a home and its potential to accrue a greater value over time. Should the time come for you to sell your home for whatever reason you will need a company to perform a home valuation for you. But why is it important to have a company perform a home valuation? Well possibly because it is exceptionally difficult for the average person to perform an accurate valuation without knowing all of the price determinants. There are many factors that might have changed in your residential area that could influence the value of your property. for example a property that was built on land that was fairly baron at the time of construction being complemented by the addition of schools and shopping centers around it over time. This would greatly increase the value of that property but the only way to know to what extent the value has increased is to get a proper home valuation!

so what is valuation analysis? Well simply put, it is assigning a certain value to something taking into account all relevant factors that contribute to the value of that thing. If an apple were judged on size, visual appeal and taste then the extent to which an apple had the perfect blend of those three factors would determine its patrimonial value. The above example is over simplified but one can just imagine the number of factors to consider when assessing the value of property if we can give three arguably legitimate factors for assessing an apple! When tackling the question “what is valuation analysis” it is important to note that failure to consider one or two relevant factors may go a long way n affecting the accuracy of a valuation. Our company is renowned for thorough and meticulous valuations aimed at providing our customers with accurate valuations for them to do business without hassle.

The nature of our skills is often understated. Our expert team of professionals are well trained and highly qualified individuals. We are also able to help customers with the valuation of a business which would include its assets such as machinery and stock. our services have developed a rather insurmountable reputation in so far as speed and efficiency are concerned. We will literally go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met and that includes catering to customers based outside of our head offices. The sheer demand our services arouse have prompted us to travel as far as neighbouring countries to perform valuations. this is also indicative of our knowledge and comfort in this field. With the dynamics of valuations changing in every environment we’re the one leopard that can change its spots where the need arises, no surroundings are unfamiliar, no job too great The Property Partnership East Rand is the company of choice, full stop!

If you have any questions relating valuation services in South Africa, or if you would like to make use of our business and home valuation services anywhere in the country, please always feel free to give us a call here at The Property Partnership East Rand!