There is simply no room for error. When one considers the potential ramifications of a Valuation of a business one will know the importance of assuming this mammoth responsibility. There are several things that one needs to have in check before seeking to carry out an accurate valuation. With these fundamental attributes a customer is in danger of being the beneficiary of an inaccurate valuation. Valuation is by no means a rigid process. With every surrounding, every environment and every circumstance different factors will impact the overall value of the land. Experience and skill will uncover these varying factors which is why these attributes are treasured in the field. Even with good intentions, an inexperienced valuer with little to no knowledge of the manner in which prices move and what their determinants are will most likely make a meal of a Valuation of a business. With business valuations, there is possibly even more at stake, there is more to consider and people livelihood is on the line.

Our Valuation of a business would be a comprehensive report and all relevant factors and variables will have been included, highlighted and explained. The best thing about our valuations is the speed with which we can complete our jobs. Our accuracy simply has no equal. Our accuracy is laser sharp because we consider all relevant factors but our meticulousness, careful scrutiny and follow up checks ensures our customers have a report fit for use from our hand to yours!

What are we all about?

What is valuation analysis? A valuation analysis is all about analysing how much something is worth. A valuation can be performed on anything from property to assets and plants to machinery. With regard to the valuation of a business, the process includes analysing the worth not only of the business itself, but also of the business’s valuable assets, such as machinery, stock etc.

Experience is key

In some of the above we spoke of our experience but how far back does our experience extend? 25 years to be exact and our customers of today will benefit from the mistakes we may have made in the past when just starting out. Today our methods have been refined, our work now carries an air of professionalism impossible to ignore. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner which results in our customers instilling faith trust in our services. Time and time again we emerge as industry leaders in our field through the consistent quality of our valuations. We have a team of well trained and experienced valuers who are all ready and waiting to provide you with an accurate and affordable report on your property, assets, equipment or machinery.

For more information about our unique valuation services in South Africa, please always feel free to get in touch.