When it comes to asset valuations The Property Partnership East Rand is your valuation solution. Allow us here at The Property Partnership East Rand to supply you with a qualified valuer for all of your property valuations and asset valuations in South Africa. We do quality valuations, specifically independent property valuations and asset valuations. For valuation services you can trust – from municipal valuation objections, to commercial property value to general property valuations – you should get in touch with us today.

Here at the Property Partnership East Rand we provide professional, motivated valuation reports. We are one of the top property valuation companies due to our expertise and knowledge in asset valuation for many years. Being able to evaluate property accurately involves many processes – in which we are experts. With us, you are guaranteed that the work will be carried out by qualified valuers to aid you in determining your exact commercial property value, so that you can rest easy in knowing exactly what your property is worth.

For unparalleled valuation of property and independent property valuations, and for our full range of services, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Property Valuation Companies

We – at The Property Partnership East Randare one of the leading property valuation companies. Our property valuations and asset valuations in South Africa include the following services:

–       Asset Valuations

  • For all corporate, financial and insurance purposes

–       Land & Property Valuations

  • Office Property Valuations
  • Independent Property Valuations
  • Retail Property Valuations
  • Industrial Property Valuations
  • Vacant & Development Land Valuations
  • Apartment Blocks Valuations

–       Plant & Machinery Valuations

  • Manufacturing Plant Valuation
  • Process & Mining Plant Valuation
  • Transport Systems Valuation
  • I.T. Systems Valuation
  • Furniture & Contents Valuation

–       Asset Registers 

  • Reconciliation / Input Data
  • Forensic Tracing / Litigation
  • Planned Maintenance Registers
  • Asset Marking / Bar Coding

In short, when you are looking for property valuations that you can rely on, The Property Partnership East Rand is one of the only property valuation companies that you should contact. We are a property valuer of choice and we promise you fast, efficient and cost effective service at all times. Our commitment to customer service, quality of standards and adherence to best practice means we will offer you unmatchable property valuation and asset valuation services. As a Johannesburg based company, we also provide our services nationally, for the benefit of people and companies across the country. We can help you – no matter where you are!

If looking for reliable and reputable property valuation companies you need to come to us – at The Property Partnership. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us today!