Our beautiful country has been carefully divided into various categories by the Provincial Administrations and Ordinances.

Therefore, when there is a requirement for building and development, these existing groupings will be considered by the Town Planning Department before they are granted.

These land-use zones are broadly zoned as follows:

  • Residential – Single dwellings, group housing schemes, or blocks of flats
  • Open space – Public spaces such as parks, sports fields, or cemeteries
  • Business and Commercial – Shops and malls or office blocks
  • Community and Institutional – Schools, clinics, or places of worship
  • Industrial – Factories, motor repair garages, or warehouses
  • Municipal – Electricity substations or water treatment plants
  • Transport – Public roads, railways, and public transport interchanges
  • Government – Areas specifically reserved for government buildings
  • Agricultural – Farmland
  • Special use – Fuel stations

Building and land use in South Africa is a hotly debated topic, the planning department needs to ensure the control of these areas, and operate consistently.

When considering a building or development, local councils have to factor in affected parties such as neighbours, ratepayers’ associations, and other relevant groups. This would be in addition to the consideration of the provision of services such as road access, waste, water, and electricity.

Environmental systems also exist, such as D’MOSS in KwaZulu-Natal, which protects the open spaces and prevents the destruction of the natural habitat by urban sprawl.

Property owners across the country are advised to talk to a professional if they are considering developing their property. There are a great many land-use factors to bear in mind as well as the processes supporting them. It may be that your property will need to be rezoned, or special consent given by affected parties to relax or amend various restrictions.

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