Welcome to The Property Partnership East Rand – we know commercial property value like few other property valuation companies. It is for this reason that we are a property valuer of choice.

We have been doing property valuations and asset valuations for long enough to be experts in our field.

As such, our expertise include the following:

  • Tax valuations, municipal valuation objections and rates objections
  • Auction reserve,  property valuations and privatisation
  • Security bond valuations and balance sheet valuations
  • Going concern valuations and financial statements
  • Insurance valuations and loss assessment
  • Rental determinations and rental disputes

With us, you are guaranteed that the work will be carried out by qualified valuers to aid you in determining your exact commercial property value, so that you can rest easy in knowing exactly what your property is worth. We put your needs first – with professional service, a commitment to client satisfaction and an adherence to excellent standards. We could tell you more about our customer satisfaction rate and success, but we believe that good service speaks for itself.

If you need help with determining the commercial property value of any given property, we can send a qualified valuer your way!


Accurate Valuation of Property

Here at The Property Partnership East Rand, we make accurate valuation of property our business. Being able to evaluate property accurately involves many processes, such as:

  • Reviewing the market value: This is the estimated amount at which an asset or liability would trade for on a competitive market
  • Investment value: This is how much an investor is willing to invest in the market value of the property
  • Property value versus property price: The property price is not always reflected in the property value, only the best property valuation companies will be able to inform you as to the best value for money.

As a property valuer for commercial property value, residential property value and more – you can count on us. And for municipal valuation objects, you can count on us to help you obtain the correct valuation of your property. We, at The Property Partnership, take pride in high standards of customer service, quality of valuations and expert advisory services. Our independent property valuations have your best interests at heart. From the retail industry to the mining industry to the commercial manufacturing industry to private valuations – we are a top rated property valuer and other asset valuation service. When it comes to the accurate valuation of property, we are one of the best property valuation companies for the job.

If looking for reliable and reputable property valuation companies you need to come to us – at The Property Partnership. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.