Here at The Property Partnership East Rand, we know that dealing with municipal valuation objections can be extremely stressful. We also know that it might feel that you may never get a proper valuation, which is where we can help you in a flash.

Regardless of the reason for which you need a valuation of property or building – be it for tax reasons, transfers or determining resale value – you need a spot on valuation done. Unfortunately municipal valuation, objections specifically, are not afforded much time or detailed consideration by the municipal offices. Such as lowered evaluation of your property value can be quite damaging to your finances, which is where we – at The Property Partnership East Rand – come in.

As per, a qualified valuer uses the following criteria in order to assess a property:

  • Architectural style, taking into particular consideration the era from which the building style dates.
  • Aspect, topography and layout of the block – of particular importance for determining commercial property value.
  • Condition.
  • Land size, as well as the features and potential of the land.
  • Location in relation to schools, public transport, shops and amenities – a big plus for residential property.
  • Number of rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms and the size of the kitchen – or of course in the case of commercial or industrial property, the features of the building.
  • Renovation and/or development potential.
  • Size and layout of the residence or commercial building itself. This is important, as – for example – two three bedroom houses might sound the same on paper, but one might be 80sq feet and one might be 220sq feet.

Quite simply, municipal valuation objections need not be a hassle, it can be as easy as making a call. For the professional valuation of property, The Property Partnership East Rand is the number one property valuer to trust.

Property Valuation Companies

We, here at The Property Partnership East Rand, are well aware that we are not amongst few property valuation companies in the East Rand. You have a number of property valuation companies to choose from, so why choose us?

We unequivocally adhere to the highest standard of client service and satisfaction. Above and beyond that we also offer the widest range of comprehensive services related to independent property valuations imaginable, such as:

  • Reviewing the market value: This is the estimated amount at which an asset or liability would trade for on a competitive market, this being the most basic value of any given property in any given area. This is where we start in valuing your property, before we delve much deeper.
  • Investment value: This is how much an investor is willing to invest in the market value of the property, this is subjective and dependent on market fluctuations. For this we will attempt to secure you the highest value possible.
  • Property value versus property price: The property price is not always reflected in the property value, only the best property valuation companies – such as what you will find here at The Property Partnership East Rand – will be able to inform you as to the best value for money.
  • Asset valuations: Aside from a wide range of property valuations, we also do asset valuations and then some. For more about our valuation services, please do ask us.

For general information on how you can enlist our services, please do get in touch with us.