Market conditions are never easily determined and their effect on the price of property can be an even more challenging endeavour but with the right company performing your home valuations this is a task that can be done affordably and with ease. The Property Partnership are an ever growing company who have built a solid reputation for some of the most accurate home valuations in the industry. We have grown in stature through the successful implementation of a very basic formula. We choose to employ the industries best and brightest minds and promote a passion for customer satisfaction amongst our employees. Our customers come first and over the years this has been illustrated in the fact that whilst we’re based in Gauteng we are willing to travel to all corners of the country to aid our customers with their home valuations.

We leave no stone unturned

Our home valuations have distinct characteristics that separate them from other companies. These characteristics can be said to be:

  • Insight: we carefully analyse the surroundings and make our evaluations with all things considered we don’t miss any vital factors that could weigh heavily on the price of you property.
  • Efficiency of time: we understand that our home valuation maybe the only thing preventing you from buying or selling your home. For this reason we work considerably faster than our competition without compromising meticulousness in valuation.
  • Accuracy: our calculations are exceptionally accurate.
  • Affordability: this is where most of our competition lose the battle to The Property Partnership. They seek to take advantage of unsuspecting customers with no knowledge of how much such a service should cost!

It’s not for everyone…

The Property Partnership should warn that although anyone can perform a valuation it takes trained professional to perform one that considers all things and is an accurate reflection of market value. Such professionalism is derived from the right academic qualifications and our company is fraught with such individuals! We are also able to assist customers with the valuation of commercial property and of course with that we consider things such as:

  • Investment value – This is the value held by a particular investor, and could or could not be more than the market value of your home.  Differences between the investment value of your house and its market value provide the incentive for buyers or sellers to enter the marketplace.

Breaching boundaries 

Our company not only endeavor to travel across South Africa to perform our renowned property valuations. Our work has also extended to neighbouring countries which is evidence of the reputation The Property Partnership carries. Respected amongst fellow property companies and lauded by our customers we continue to strive for the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The Property Partnership for accurate and speedy home valuations in Africa.

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