In our line of work, some companies will do jobs quickly, others will do jobs just as fast with double or even triple the quality of work. Meticulous independent property valuations may be hard to come by in today’s world considering the profit driven incentives inherent in many of today’s property valuations. The Property Partnership East Rand do things differently however and with us you will find a team of experts dedicated to surfacing the best possible outcomes for our customers. Unlike many unscrupulous property valuers we work in a transparent manner and customers shouldn’t be surprised to discover our flexible accommodating approach to pricing and services. Independent property valuations require a great deal of intricate assessments known only to those who have experience and the necessary qualifications to do so. Our independent property valuations are executed with an unparalleled amount of attention to detail giving our customers accuracy they never dreamed possible. We understand that administrative matters such as these often require speedy work which is why our company is notorious for being prompt and efficient.

Commercial property value

Commercial property value like any valuation of property needs to look at in context for an accurate and relevant assessment to prevail. Market value, investment value and property value vs. price need to be carefully scrutinized. Following the consideration of all these factors accurate commercial property value should result.

The job of a qualified valuer carries great responsibility to customers and members of our team have committed themselves in upholding our good name through immaculate services. Some of the things required of a qualified valuer include: Architectural style

  • Aspect, topography and layout of the block
  • Condition
  • Land size
  • Location in relation to schools, public transport, shops and amenities
  • Number of rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms and the size of the kitchen
  • Renovation and/or development potential
  • Size and layout of the residence

More on us

Naturally when one takes into account so many factors involved we promise our customers the fastest valuations possible. But no standard time can be attributed to all of our work. One thing we’re certain of though is that no company would do as good a job in as little time!

We are also one of the few renowned property valuation companies that is notorious for its thorough asset valuations. Such valuations may be highly imperative for individuals and companies intending to gain better insight into the true value of things in their possession. Our team is enthusiastic and dedicated in assisting customers with any and all of their needs. This includes administrative matters such as municipal valuation objections.

For more information on any of our above mentioned products and services, please feel free to contact us today. We are always ready and willing to cater to your every need.