Your kids have finally grown up and moved out and now you are left with a big empty house. This doesn’t need to be an unhappy occasion but rather a new beginning. You and your partner can now get the small home that you always dreamt about for your retirement. The only problem is you are not sure how to go about selling your current home. This is why you need to follow this guide on how to sell your home and understand why property valuation is an important factor.

There are many tips and tricks to selling a home. One of which is knowing what price to sell it at. In order to figure out this price you need to consider getting a property valuation done. Finding out the actual value of your home will help greatly, however, before you do that you might want to consider giving it a bit of TLC. Follow these 3 tips on how to get a better property valuation for your home:

  1. A lick of paint: if you have really “lived” in this home, then there may be some areas that need a bit of work. One of these areas could be the paint work. Go around to all of the rooms and where necessary sand down and re-paint. It is also important to remember to try keep the colour palate neutral. When potential buyers come in they want to be able to envision their personality in your home, if you have a bright red boudoir this might not be possible.
  2. Provide a bit of extra space: storage is a massive issue in homes these days. During viewings of your home potential buyers are going to be looking at your closet space. To show of the space that you have, it will be necessary to remove some of your clothing. When your house is on show make sure at least half of the closet is empty.
  3. Lock your memories away: just like with the paint, potential buyers want to be able to see themselves in your home. This means making it as neutral as possible. Obviously the home needs to look like it has been lived in to a certain degree, but not have your memories all over the place. Get rid of as many personal items as possible to increase the chances of selling the home.

These are some of the tips that you can follow before putting your house on the market. When it comes to the property valuation itself, make sure that all of the upgrades have been done prior to the valuers visit. They will take into consideration the way your home looks, the area it is in and the market value of the other homes in the area before giving you, your final valuation.

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