In property people have one of the most revered assets and forms of investment in the modern world. But an asset is only as good as its value and when its value is unknown, asset owners are left vulnerable to exploitation. Property valuation companies are numerous in nature but can you be sure the company you’ve chosen are pulling figures out of a hat? Well our customers certainly have that assurance, our passion and dedication to our customers knows no bounds and this shows in our thorough, meticulous and prompt asset valuations and property valuations. Property Partnership East Rand are truly motivated professionals and our work ethic has shone in our pursuit for increasingly accurate property valuations. As one of the most prominent property valuation companies in the industry our experience has shown us some highly important factors to consider when carrying out property valuations. Property valuation companies must review the market value, investment value and property value vs. price!  With a thorough assessment of the above formula our company has been able to produce valuation of property superior to our competitors!

Commercial property value 

Commercial property is the crème de la crème of property ownership. Our services have adapted themselves well to offering our customers a full range of commercial property value solutions. Understanding the market is a job best left to the professionals and we at Property Partnership East Rand are nothing less than stellar industry leaders. Commercial property value like other forms of assets is broad in nature with much to consider and our company is well equipped to handle it all:

  • Tax valuations, municipal valuation objections and rates objections
  • Auction reserve,  property valuations and privatisation
  • Security bond valuations and balance sheet valuations
  • Going concern valuations and financial statements
  • Insurance valuations and loss assessment
  • Rental determinations and rental disputes

Our services go far beyond even all of the above mentioned. Our valuations are heralded due to the affordability of our services matched with the speed and efficiency. We are transparent in our approach should customers and clients seek further information and we are always honest in our reports. Unscrupulous buyers will not even think twice about taking advantage of sellers that are ill informed as to the correct property valuations regarding their assets. Those seeking independent property valuations by the most qualified property valuer in the business will find our services to be just the thing they needed.

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It’s important when making valuable property transactions to have peace of mind knowing you have your wits about courtesy of a Qualified Valuer in your corner. So for property valuations you can trust, why not get in touch with us here at Property Partnership East Rand for an experience that leaves you with the confidence you deserve!