Are you in need of a property valuer in South Africa that you can really trust? Then welcome to The Property Partnership East Rand. We specialize in determining commercial property value, independent property valuations, asset valuations, as well as in sorting out municipal valuation objections. We are the property valuer of choice for hundreds of people in South Africa

It is a well known fact that we at The Property Partnership East Rand are one of the top property valuation companies. We are considered to be ultra reliable property valuers due to our broad range of experience, expertise and knowledge in asset valuation for many years. Being able to live up to expectations as a property valuer and to be able to evaluate property accurately involves many processes, including:

  • Reviewing the market value: This is the estimated amount at which an asset or liability would trade for on a competitive market
  • Investment value: This is how much an investor is willing to invest in the market value of the property
  • Property value versus property price: The property price is not always reflected in the property value, only the best property valuation companies will be able to inform you as to the best value for money

If you have been searching for a property valuer in South Africa, then you have most definitely come to the right place. But what exactly does a property valuer do? A property valuer is a person specialising in asset valuations and, in particular, valuation so of property. states that:

Asset valuation is a procedure in which the value of an asset is determined. This is done in order to confirm that the value is reported accurately and appropriately on balance sheets. If assets are not valued properly, it can create a skewed value in accounting documents which can in turn lead to failure on an accounting audit, problems with tax liability, and other issues.

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Property Valuation Companies

While there are indeed many property valuation companies in South Africa, we at The Property Partnership East Rand can offer you the most comprehensive services when it comes to the valuation of property and assets. The Property Partnership East Rand offers a wide range of services andasset valuations, such as:

  • Office, retail, industrial, development and apartment block properties
  • Manufacturing, process, mining, transport, it and furniture plants and machinery
  • Reconciliation, forensics tracing, planned maintenance registers and asset marking

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