Professional valuation companies and chartered surveyor services go hand in hand.

The value of a business, a commercial or residential property, or plant assets are all part of a bigger puzzle where specialist services are generally required. A chartered surveyor can be involved in mortgage valuations, building surveys, land surveying, or estate management.

Globally, approximately 70% of wealth lies within property, which makes the services of a chartered surveyor useful and sought after.

A RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) accredited surveyor may be involved in town planning, buying and selling commercial property, managing property portfolios, negotiation, development, or environmental matters.

When would you need a chartered surveyor?

This industry can be broken down into a number of speciality areas.

An environmental surveyor would be involved in quantifying the impact of a real estate development on the environment, as well as with town planning, risk management and contaminated land.

However, a planning and development surveyor would be more involved with the best and most effective use of land. They are also concerned with the impact of the built environment in terms of design, the quality of the building, the impact of transport, energy and similar factors.

Within commercial property, a surveyor would assist with valuation, buying and selling, management and leases. In the residential arena, they would perform a similar role for property consultants, private buyers and sellers, and property developers.

There exist many other fields of expertise within the services of a chartered surveyor. However, they all maintain the same high level of professionalism, ongoing learning, and adherence to the standards set out by RICS.

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