There are many different forms of evaluation / valuation services. These have been put in place to make sure that business get provided with the forms of evaluation / valuation that will provide them with the most accurate assessment.

What is the importance of using these forms of evaluation for your business? These valuations are conducted to provide you, the business owner, with an understanding as to how much your business and its assets are worth. Over time your business can increase and decrease in value and regular valuation services will provide you with the opportunity to make changes. Mainly valuation services are used to:

  • Help you with insurance: When it comes to insuring your business, you need to know exactly how much you need to insure it for. This is possible when you implement regular valuation services.
  • Tax purposes: Taxes can be extremely frustrating at the best of times. Were you to get audited you need to provide the company with as much information as possible about your business. This will include its overall value.
  • Loans: If you were to expand your business and subsequently require a loan because of it, a valuation will provide you with how much your business is currently worth. Giving you the opportunity to not only know how much money to ask for but also prove to the bank that your business is eligible for a loan.
  • Selling: When selling a business you should hopefully get out more than what you put in. A valuation will help you determine how much you need to put it on the market for.

Depending on the type of business you run, will determine what forms of evaluation you will need to look into. There are six main valuations that are conducted:

  • Industrial Property Valuations
  • Retails Valuations
  • Asset Valuations
  • Land Valuations
  • Building Valuations
  • Commercial Property Valuations

In some cases it will be necessary to conduct more than one valuation for your business. There are many different aspects that go into the makings of your business which means you need a comprehensive valuation. It is also important to understand what exactly you need the valuation for so that you can provide that information to the company that conducts the valuation.

Why is a land valuation necessary for businesses?

Land valuations are extremely extensive and do not just focus on the physical land around your business. In fact it is more about determining what your property as an overall is worth, this will include the areas of your property that have no current buildings on. Once you know what your property is worth as a whole, you can begin to increase the productivity of your business. If you are fortunate to have property with vacant land, you can sell off that land at a profit and put money back into your business. It is also essential for first time business owners to find out if they can actually afford to build their businesses on the land they want to buy.

Here at The Property Partnership we can provide you with a fully comprehensive valuation service. If you require any more information about what we can do for your business, you can visit our website