As a business owner you need to be able to calculate how much you are worth so you need the professionals at doing a valuation of a business to calculate your net worth. Those professionals are none other than us at The Property Partnership East Rand. A business valuation is done by assessing the value of your assets which are then calculated together. These assets include property, equipment, furniture and machinery which are owned by the company. This is what valuation analysis is used for and why it is so important in the valuation of a business.

Our team of expert valuers have undertaken many different kinds of valuation jobs and projects, some of which include:

  • Vacant Land / Site Valuations
  • Silo Valuations
  • Stadium Valuations
  • Townhouses / Residential Valuations
  • Lodge / Hotel / Guesthouses Valuations
  • Sectional Title Valuations
  • Quarry / Plant Valuations
  • Petrol Station Valuations
  • Commercial / Offices Building Valuations
  • Shopping / Retail Centre Valuations
  • Holiday Resort Valuations
  • Golf Club / Resort Valuations
  • Agricultural Valuations
  • Abattoir Valuations
  • Small Holding Valuations
  • Chemical Plant Valuations

Such valuations are extremely important in a number of situations such as mergers, audits and even the sale of the business. For legal purposes this information must be kept by the company and it must be as up to date as possible. Here at The Property Partnership East Rand, we do not just focus on the valuation of a business. We also offer home valuation services, helping you to understand just how much your house and residential property is actually worth. If you are looking to sell, then a home valuation is a must. This ensures that you will not lose out by selling a great house at a price which is lower than its actual value. Or that you will not be stuck with a house which you cannot sell because the price tag on it is actually much higher than it should be. Both of these situations are extremely frustrating for sellers and buys of homes so you need to ensure that you hire the right person for the job first time. This means that you should be contacting The Property Partnership East Rand as the first step in your plans to sell. We have a team of well trained and experienced valuers who are all ready and waiting to provide you with an accurate and affordable report on your property to make sure that it is given the right value with its location, facilities and quality all takes into consideration.

When it comes to the valuation of a business or a home valuation in South Africa, there is no other company to contact than The Property Partnership East Rand. We handle every aspect of the valuation process, ensuring that we do everything accurately and according to protocol. Once we have completed the entire valuation of a business, we will provide you with a comprehensive valuation report that will be all that you need in order to sell, get insurance or simple have a record on file of the value of your home or business.

So contact The Property Partnership East Rand today and let us give you’re the best valuation services around.