Many may think that the valuation of a business takes days to complete, perhaps even weeks. However, this is simply not the case. When you choose to make use of the services provided by us here at The Property Partnership East Rand, we will conduct the valuation process as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, offering you accurate results in a flash. When it comes to the valuation of a business, as well as of its assets, nobody does it better than we do.

What is valuation analysis? A valuation analysis is all about analysing how much something is worth. With regard to the valuation of a business, it includes analysing the worth not only of the business itself, but also of the business’s assets, such as machinery, stock etc.

Here is a summary of how the business valuation process actually works:

  • The first step is to gather the data. This includes finding all of the business’s assets that are worth something and adding it all together. This is the aspect of the process that could take the longest, especially if the business is large. In order to provide correct results, we may request certain documents from you, we may ask specific questions and we will also need to request a tour of your company, business, warehouse or factory. Once we have recorded all of this information, we will then proceed to compare it with the information regarding the industry that your business operates in. This is done in order to provide you with results that are not only accurate, but that are in the correct context as well.
  • Once the analysis has been efficiently completed, we will then provide you with a comprehensive valuation report that will detail our findings, as well as provide you with some insight into our process. This report will contain all of the information necessary in order to sell your company, obtain insurance etc.

The Property Partnership East Rand can be found in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our services are all inclusive and are offered to you by valuation professionals with plenty of experience in the business. Although the company is based in Johannesburg, it became apparent to us rather quickly that we’d be limiting ourselves in confining our work to Gauteng. The result is that today we serve as a versatile company able to effect property valuations all around the country. When it comes to the valuation of a business, or even when it comes to a home valuation, we will come to you – wherever you are and whenever you may be in need of our expertise.

Regarding the professional valuation of a business, we are able to handle the following:

  • Vacant Land / Site Valuations
  • Silo Valuations
  • Stadium Valuations
  • Townhoues / Residential Valuations
  • Lodge / Hotel / Guesthouses Valuations
  • Sectional Title Valuations
  • Quarry / Plant Valuations
  • Petrol Station Valuations
  • Commercial / Offices Building Valuations
  • Shopping / Retail Centre Valuations
  • Holiday Resort Valuations
  • Golf Club / Resort Valuations
  • Agricultural Valuations
  • Abattoir Valuations
  • Small Holding Valuations
  • Chemical Plant Valuations

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