Being a business owner is a lot of responsibility; not only do you have to make sure that your business is in the right location but you also need to make sure that your business has all the equipment it needs. As a business owner it is imperative that you know the worth of your business and its assets. The only way of legitimately determining the value of your business is through a property valuation. If a property valuation is not carried out properly, this could have serious future repercussions should you intend to either sell or merge your business as you may be prevented from doing so. Do your market research and make sure that you find a reliable company that can assist you in valuating your property and its assets legitimately!

The reason for this is that you will need a lot of official documentation when it comes to the findings of the consultant. You also need to make sure that you are not going to be cheated when it comes to your property valuation. There are many reasons why people need businesses accurately valued, and not all of them have to do with sale and transference. One of the other main reasons why people need this done is so that they can get business insurance. No insurance company will cover your business for a certain amount of money unless they are certain of how much your business is truly worth.

Find the right company to carry out your valuation

Because there are so many fly by night people out there who take advantage of business owners who are desperate to sell or get their businesses valued, there is of course a lot of fraud, but thankfully there are a few ways in which to determine whether or not the company that you have cast your lot in with is legitimate.

  • Process: One of the most important methods of determining how a company does its valuations is by the methods that it uses. If it uses anything other than the recognised methods of valuation, you should be wary of its overall business practices. There are many different ways in which to value a business, but two of the classic methods are to do either a machinery valuation or an overall business asset valuation. If the company doesn’t offer any of these, then you should think twice about using the service.
  • Registration: Every valuation company and consultant should be registered with a board and a financial intuition. If there is none of that present, then you should realise immediately that you will not get certified valuation documentation and that the company is also not legitimate.

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