To manage your business effectively you need to know your net value as a company and to do this you need to get a valuation of a business that you can trust. To do a valuation of a business you need to contact professionals who are able to do accurate valuation analysis that can give you a clear representation of what you are worth as a business. If you are not sure what valuation analysis is or what that means, then let me explain. Valuation analysis is all about analysing how much something is worth. A valuation can be performed on anything from property to assets and plants to machinery. This means that this process can be used to calculate the net worth of physical assets. With regard to the valuation of a business, these assets are largely made up of the building itself, especially if you as the business owner are also the title holder of the building. It also includes movable assets such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, office furniture and so on.

For legal reasons, these detailed valuations are important in the event that your business is being liquidated or you are merging with another company. Because our professional valuers are bound by obligation to be truthful, honest and fair in all of their valuations, you can be guaranteed unbiased reports regarding the value of your business. Even with good intentions, an inexperienced valuer with little to no knowledge of the manner in which prices move and what their determinants are will most likely make a meal of a valuation of a business. With business valuations, there is possibly even more at stake, there is more to consider and people livelihood is on the line. This is why we, here at The Property Partnership East Rand insist on putting our valuers through stringent training.

But The Property Partnership East Rand is not just known for our expert and professional ability to do a valuation of a business but also for our quick, efficient and accurate home valuations. We are able to assist in assessing your private property, whether it is an apartment or free standing house, to help you get the property on the market if you are looking to sell. This is extremely important as a house that is incorrectly valued at a very high price may not sell or if it is undervalued you may lose out on a great deal of money. The valuers from The Property Partnership East Rand will ensure that you are given the correct value for your home with certified records to back it up. We make sure that we get your home valuations right so that you are not left in a terrible predicament.

So whether you are looking to have the net worth of your company assessed or to have your home valued, just contact us at The Property Partnership East Rand.