The Property Partnership East Rand can provide you with a property valuation or land valuation analysis; this is the procedure where your property is given a value.  This value is determined by your land and house’s market value at that point in time. Home valuation on the same size property could be hugely different all because of the important factor, namely where they are located.   Only people who have passed the various levels of estate agency board exams are qualified to be appraisers as they are needed to advise on the value of a property and this is sometimes a very difficult thing to do.

The Property Partnership East Rand will provide you with a written report on the value of your property. When you need to know what is a valuation analysis? You should also be informed that with your home valuation you can apply for a mortgage loan, settle an estate or even a divorce, it can be used as surety for tax matters, etc. etc.  Sometimes the home valuation report can be used by both parties to set the sale price of the property appraised.

With a valuation of a business being far more complicated, as there are many factors to take into account, from the assets to your cash flow, only a certified appraisals commissioner should ever be given this task.

With The Property Partnership East Rand we will undertake any valuations you have need of.  We are situated in Gauteng but can travel to where ever you need our services.  It is only ever a pleasure to provide people with the necessary home valuations and valuation for a business whenever and wherever it is needed.

Contact us todayThe Property Partnership in Gauteng and we’ll explain what a valuation analysis means to you.

What is a Valuation Analysis – it’s important when asking this question to realise that valuation analysis are undertaken for different purposes, for one there is the market value – market value is the estimated amount for which an asset or liability should exchange on the valuation date between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s length contract, after proper marketing and where the parties had each acted knowledgeably, sensibly and without pressure.

Then there is the value-in-use, or use value – this is the present net value that an asset is worth for a specific owner under a specific use. Value-in-use is the value to one particular user, and may be above or below the market value of a property.

And finally we have the investment value – this is the value to one particular investor, and may, or may not be higher than the market value of a property. Differences between the investment value of an asset and its market value provide the motivation for buyers or sellers to enter the marketplace.

So allow The Property Partnership East Rand to be of service when you need a home valuation or the valuation of a business.