The Property Partnership East Rand knows of all the difficulties associated with home valuations or the valuation of a business. When asked “what is valuation analysis” we are often forced to look at the wide array of services we offer here at The Property Partnership. Valuation analysis in short is the ability to give something value relative to its immediate environment. When giving something value one needs to know what kind of things influence its value for better or worse. The Property Partnership is certainly not limited to conventional home valuations either. We are able to value land, assets or even financial stocks.

Striving towards one common goal

This diversity stems from having a diverse team of appraisers each with their individual strengths. Our team all have one common goal, and that’s to provide our customers with the market value of their property in the shortest amount of time. But “what is valuation analysis with respects to how it benefits me?” This question is clearly relevant when one intends to attach a price to a certain piece of property. This makes transactions between two parties fair and equitable. It can also serve to prevent fraud and unjust sales where one party is attempting to conceal financially damaging factors.

A whole new meaning to “street smarts”

Only people who have passed the various levels of estate agency board exams are qualified to be appraisers as they are needed to advise on the value of a property and this is sometimes a very difficult thing to do. The Property Partnership are home to some of the most qualified individuals in the industry. We are aware that qualifications mean little to nothing without the practical work to support it which is why we have developed reputation for the most meticulous appraisals in the industry.

Helping you transact safely with peace of mind

The Property Partnership East Rand will provide you with a written report on the value of your property. When you need to know what is a valuation analysis? You should also be informed that with your home valuation you can apply for a mortgage loan, settle an estate or even a divorce, it can be used as surety for tax matters, etc. etc.  Sometimes the home valuation report can be used by both parties to set the sale price of the property appraised.

Commercial vs. residential

The valuation of a business of a business is vastly different from the standard home valuation. The factors to analyse are different given the patrimonial nature of such property. Having been based in Gauteng for some time, few companies are better equipped to value commercial property than a company that’s been successfully doing it in the country’s economic capital. But what happens when a company such as ours has customers seeking our stellar services in remote locations? Well we go to them! Yes, this includes those in neighbouring countries such as Botswana.

So allow The Property Partnership East Rand to be of service when you need a home valuation or the valuation of a business.

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