Ever ask yourself “what is valuation analysis”? A very basic example of this is that when giving a property valuation location is key. It’s common knowledge that homes erected in known affluent areas near schools and shopping centres are likely to demand more money than those in remote rural areas. Although the above can be considered an over simplified example given for the purposes of aiding an explanation, a skilled and trained professional will carry our valuations. The only thing more important than asking oneself “what is valuation analysis” is finding out who is performing them for YOU.

So once one knows what a valuation is and how valuation analysis can help them how do they go about using it to their advantage? This is where it can get tricky but believe us when we say the last thing you want is to alienate property not having had elaborate and thorough Home valuation. Let us explore some of the things that could happen to those you choose to ignore our recommendation to have thorough Home valuation.

Selling yourself short

One could sell themselves terribly short should they choose to neglect having their home valued. Let’s say for example your home was worth a certain amount when it was erected but over the years certain amenities and points of interest were erected around your place of residence this would influence the price of your home. Not knowing to what extent your home has increased in value could result in you selling yourself woefully short. One could end up leaving a lot on the table and some lucky buyer can hit the jackpot at your expense!

Administrative headaches

Those of us that have spent time at flea markets will know of the few stubborn sellers who simply refuse to negotiate. The art of bartering is an intricate one, one that requires two minds to be in a similar place with regards to the expected outcome of a proposed transaction. With something as big and profound as property however the stakes are different. There is a lot more to pay and possibly even more to receive. With the stakes this high it is uncommon for two parties to come to a consensus smoothly. Negotiations can turn to arguments, arguments into fights. Knowing the value of the property before hand, one that has been determined by a meticulous and objective company like The Property Partnership East Rand will smoothen out the bumps and kinks along the road to agreeing a price.

We are also able to perform equally accurate business orientated valuations where we take not only the value of the property into account but the stock and other assets too. The valuation of a business is just one of the many services we offer here at The Property Partnership East Rand. For a full breakdown of our available services please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will travel as far as neighbouring countries to perform our industry leading valuations!