Valuation analysis is where qualified professional valuers will come to your home or place of business and evaluated your property and its assets. This is a very important process to undergo when you are wanting to sell your home or business or are needing to update your insurance.

Now that you know what valuation analysis is, we can provide you with the service you are looking for. We do home valuation as well as valuations for a variety of different businesses including:

  • Stadium valuations
  • Lodge Valuations
  • Hotel Valuations
  • Petrol Station Valuations
  • Agricultural Valuations
  • Chemical Plant Valuations
  • So much more…

Knowing what valuation analysis is, is extremely important if you do own any form of property. Home valuations are extremely popular especially with the current economy. Unfortunately, many people are needing to sell their homes and move into smaller homes due to financial reasons. If you are in that position then you want to make sure that you get as much money out of the home you are currently living in. When you hire one of our valuers, you will get a comprehensive report on what your property is worth. With this knowledge you will be able to put your home up for sale at a price that truly reflects its worth.

A comprehensive valuation of a business

We offer a comprehensive valuation of a business. Just like your home your business is an asset and should be treated as such. When you own a business you put a lot of time and money into it. As such you need to make sure that you are aware of its overall worth. There are four different types of valuation services on offer from us:

  • Market Value or Fair value
  • Existing use value or going concern value
  • Gross current replacement cost
  • Rental valuations

All of these valuations have different aspects to them that we discuss in further detail on our website The Property Partnership CC. One of the most important reasons to get a valuation done is due to insurance purposes. Our gross current replacement cost valuation will look into insurance valuations, loss assessment and arbitration. Once you know how much your property is worth you will be able to get the insurance that best suits your needs and covers you properly. Aspects of your property will either decrease or increase in value over time. Even if you have had a valuation done in the past it may be time to get another one done, in order to make sure that everything in your business is represented accurately. Once one of our highly skilled valuers has valuated your business you will be presented with a certificate that states that the findings on the report are true.

Collectively our valuation team has had many years of providing professional service. You are guaranteed to get the best possible service when you come to us at The Property Partnership. Whether you are a large business owner or a home owner we can provide you with the information you need.