When it comes to the valuation of your home in South Africa, there should be no other company you that even consider than The Property Partnership.

With our vast knowledge and expertise we can handle all aspects of the home valuation process, thereby ensuring that your home is given an accurate assessment.

With the assistance of The Property Partnership your home valuation is done efficiently and quietly, we will assess your home valuation while you go about your business.

Once we have completed the whole home valuation process, we will provide you with a comprehensive valuation report this will be all that you need in order to sell, get insurance etc.  As The Property Partnership we have undertaken home valuations in many different locations, giving entirely different assessments only because of the locations involved and the different value their respective locations afford.

For some of the upmarket homes a home valuation can bring unpleasant surprises and make your rates astronomical, with us on your side we will be realistic when it comes to evaluating your home.  Our services have adapted themselves well to offering our customers a full range of home valuation solutions. Understanding the market and the ever changing scenery is a job best left to us the professionals and we Property Partnership East Rand are the best for the job of home valuation.

Home valuation as with other forms of property need constant reassessment to keep the true worth of said property in the picture.

Property Partnership East Rand can supply you with a home valuation for:

  • Tax valuations, municipal valuation objections and rates objections,
  • Auction reserve,  property valuations and privatisation,
  • Security bond valuations and balance sheet valuations,
  • Going concern valuations and financial statements,
  • Insurance valuations and loss assessment,
  • Rental determinations and rental disputes.

With our all comprehensive valuation systems in place we can afford to be affordable, because of our many years experience we have streamlined home valuations giving you the quickest service at the lowest possible rate.  We our open door policy we will always be always honest in our reports. Shady buyers will not hesitate to lie to you about the value of your property taking advantage of sellers that are ill advised as to the correct home valuation.

Contact us today – The Property Partnership in Gauteng for your home valuation.

It’s important when making valuable property transactions to have peace of mind knowing you have your wits about courtesy of a Qualified Valuer in your corner. So for property valuations you can trust, why not get in touch with us here at Property Partnership East Rand for an experience that leaves you with the confidence you deserve!