Welcome to The Property Partnership East Rand, where we would be delighted if you would allow us a moment to tell you why you need a qualified valuer for your property valuations.

If you are looking to let, rent, buy or sell property of any kind, a word to the wise would be to have a professional valuation of property done before you sign any documents or make any commitments. Why do you need a qualified valuer to value your property?

  • As A Buyer: If you are looking to buy a certain property, particularly a commercial property, you need to contact a property valuer stat. Often, particularly in the case of a retail location or a industrial site, certain sellers and agents elevate the asking price far above the actual worth of the property. A qualified valuer not only take the physical features and immediate location of the property into account – which may solely be what the seller based the asking price on, a qualified valuer will also take a wide variety of other factors and features of the property into consideration. Such consideration may include the proximity of the property to certain amenities or the customer base, the development potential of the property and so much more.
  • As A Seller: As a seller determining your residential or commercial property value should be easy. The value of your property is determined by the municipality, but unfortunately municipal valuationobjections specifically – are not afforded much time or detailed consideration by the municipal offices. Indeed, one cannot really blame them, as even the most efficient municipal offices could not possibly have the time to consider all the specific features of your property in order to give you a hundred percent accurate value. Municipal offices mostly take market value into consideration, whereas a qualified valuer will consider all factors of your property to give you the most accurate valuation possible. That being said, if you are selling your property, do keep in mind that the perceived value of your property is ultimately determined by potential buyers of your property.

For the professional valuation of property, you cannot go wrong with a qualified valuer such as The Property Partnership East Rand. For more about our practice and services, please do read on below.

Asset Valuations and More 

Here at The Property Partnership East Rand, we offer you a wide range of valuation services, including asset valuations and more related services.

Specifically, here is what we offer you:

  1. Asset Valuations: For all corporate, financial and insurance purposes.
  2. Land & Property Valuations:
    1. Office Property Valuations
    2. Independent Property Valuations
    3. Retail Property Valuations
    4. Industrial Property Valuations
    5. Vacant & Development Land Valuations
    6. Apartment Blocks Valuations
    7. Plant & Machinery Valuations:
      1. Manufacturing Plant Valuation
      2. Process & Mining Plant Valuation
      3. Transport Systems Valuation
      4. I.T. Systems Valuation
      5. Furniture & Contents Valuation
      6. Asset Registers:
        1. Reconciliation / Input Data
        2. Forensic Tracing / Litigation
        3. Planned Maintenance Registers
        4. Asset Marking / Bar Coding

To experience independent property valuations and other valuation services from one of the top property valuation companies in Gauteng, please do get in touch with us.