Property valuation companies and personnel really are widespread but in truth few take the time and necessary steps to effectively evaluate each and every circumstance on its own merits. While other Property valuation companies are more focused on sheer numbers and getting the job done quickly The Property Partnership East Rand are leading the way with never before seen levels of commitment and dedication to thorough and attention rich work. Have all the necessary knowledge regarding standard procedure when carrying out independent property valuations and even asset valuations but what makes us truly unique is the manner in which we’ve fine-tuned some of our own methods and processes. This makes us highly efficient giving us the opportunity to offer our customers the perfect blend of affordability and speed. Clearly, we’re on a successful mission to blow other Property valuation companies out of contention entirely, thus far our ambition appears closer than ever!    Behind our property valuations customers will find a highly motivated and enthusiastic team of individuals who love every challenge set out our customers. Our staff members are trained to work with a high degree of efficiency employ unmatched levels of observation and work with transparency when reviewing the market value, investment value and property value vs. price!  The valuation of property certainly isn’t a simple endeavor, it’s hardly ever straight forward, but few companies will offer the kind the level of customer service we can!

Commercial property value

We offer commercial property value solutions and we hold these in very high regard. As with all of our work we hold these in exceptionally high regard and are exceptionally meticulous. Our elaborate commercial property value solutions are important because in most instances we’re responsible for our customer’s livelihood meaning these are jobs that call for unparalleled accuracy. Generally speaking when evaluating property steps a Qualified Valuer/property valuer would take include:

  1. Review the market value of the commercial property: Value is the estimated amount at which an asset or liability would trade for on a competitive market
  2. Do research on the investment value of the property: This is how much an investor is willing to invest in the market value of the property
  3. Analyse property value versus property price: The property price is not always reflected in the property value, only the best property valuation companies will be able to inform you as to the best value for money.

Our services are extremely affordable and offer customers a chance to effect smooth and swift valuations. We are also well set to assist customers in their municipal valuation objections making our services well rounded and suited to cater all your administrative valuation needs!

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Property is no small asset and we make every effort to ensure that our customers get their worth. For more information please contact us today!